Kanuka Hills’ new logo

March 28, 2013 - 2 Responses
Kanuka Hills new logo

Kanuka Hills new logo

In keeping with Kanuka Hills’ intention to encourage innovation and be a place where ideas can be brought to life, we’ve got ourselves a new logo.

The picture seen above will be an stainless steel outline of a kanuka grove, bolted out and off by about 100mm from a plate of Cor-Ten steel (deliberately allowed to rust).

The effect will be both timeless and optimistic – a metaphor for its residents.

Kanuka Hills’ sites up for auction on April 14

March 22, 2013 - One Response

A view from the top - Kanuka Hills sections take shape

Kanuka Hills, a special rural subdivision, has already sold four sections.

Another five sections of the Bombay Hills lots are to be auctioned onsite on Sunday April 14 at 10.30am.

All the sections are fully fenced, between 6500-8000sq m, with  power and telephone (fibre optic) to the front gate.

Tarsealed roads are going to be provided.

The developers of Kanuka Hills also have a commitment to establish a community-inspired workshop that provides the people and tools necessary for concept creation. This is part of a desire that Kanuka Hills, as well as being a place where people want to live and play, is also an area where ideas are brought to life.


Welcome to Kanuka Hills

December 13, 2012 - 6 Responses

Kanuka Hills is coming along. Already we have five flat, geoformed house sites completed, and one sale has been made.

The site’s handy location, the commitment of Kanuka Hills’ vendors to a thoughtful and interesting layout and a desire to blend into the local community and environment make Kanuka Hills a property worth considering.